Internet marketing

Internet marketing consists of a number of elements. To market products and services successfully the following elements are essential: design, content, technical backbone, promotion and sales process. There are various online marketing strategies to make your website successful. Sonexo is able to provide you with the right advice for the right marketing strategy. We regard the internet as an excellent marketing channel. To us internet marketing is the best way to market your website. Sonexo is specialized in the following internet marketing strategies: SEO, SEA and Affiliate marketing.

Search Engine Optimization is a solution for websites that are not getting the desired traffic or have a poor ranking in google. Sonexo can help you increase the number of visitors by optimizing your website. Optimization is done on various website elements. Maybe your website is loading slowly which could be due to technical or website design issues. Also, potential visitors may be using google keywords that are not present in the content of your website. Sonexo is specialized in these kind of issues, and can help you identify the source and provide you with recommendations on how to improve the design and content of your website.

Search Engine Advertising is a form of search engine marketing. This way of marketing focuses on advertising in search engines, like Google Adwords. SEA could be a solution to increase traffic to a poorly visited website. Sonexo can improve the number of visitors by advertising with search engines.

It is possible to manage your Adwords campaign through Sonexo. We can give you the right kind of advice on targeting and conversion rates for your ads. Sonexo is specialized in keeping track of SEA results and choosing effective keywords and bidding strategies. You will have full insight into conversion rates.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is a form of online marketing in which the advertiser pays for every visitor, lead or sale that is generated through websites or search engine campaigns. Unlike search engine marketing the advertiser only pays for website vistors that have been converted into paying customers.

Special software tracks the origin of website visitors and stores this data in a way that makes it possible to determine how visitors became paying customers. This way of marketing enables you to advertise according to the 'no cure no pay' principle and is an efficient manner of online marketing.




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